Strategic risk index

Aegis Advisory and Integro Insurance have developed this index to quantify the level of strategic risk in the 40 largest emerging and frontier markets, and compare it to the riskiness of developed economies and to the world average. The index values are updated weekly, with a more detailed report published quarterly.


Current risk scores (1 = least risky; 10 = most risky)

Emerging and frontier

The Strategic risk index tracks business risk in the 40 largest emerging markets as measured against the benchmark economies in each region.  It is compiled by using scores from the unique Aegis Strategic Risk Assessment (ASTRA) model, a risk profiling methodology that quantifies risk levels by examining a broad range of factors. ASTRA, which covers over 130 countries, is constantly updated by Aegis Advisory analysts in London and around the world.

Rather than simply echoing events, ASTRA scores measure the underlying strategic risk trends in any given market. For the purposes of this index they are weighted to stress the risks to companies' staff and physical assets.

Strategic risk index is jointly produced by: Aegis logo Integro logo

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